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My father was a bigamist. My family never had much money, was superstitious, believed in witches, and was very dysfunctional. I have a degree in Applied Mathematics. Before writing full time, I worked as a Computer Programmer, Software Engineer, and Web Applications Developer. To satisfy the tekkie in me, I do my own website and create my own book covers.

Under the name B. Austin, I write Science Fiction and Paranormal Fantasy. Under the name Belinda Austin. I write Historical Fiction, Humor, Romantic Comedies, and Suspense and Thrillers.  

If you are curious about the trials and triumphs of my life, I have written some MEMOIRS.

"Have some fun every day and play, no matter your age. Look at the world as a child might, as if you just woke from a long, satisfying nap."

I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest in me and my books. I'm always happy to hear from fans. There are social media links and a sign-up for my newsletter.

All my best,
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